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Your Outsourced Finance Department

We provide the team and the technology to help grow your business.

We Are Here To Help You Grow

We provide the team, the strategy and the technology to enable enterprise-level finance execution that will help you grow your business. We allow you to have better transparency, make better decisions, and enable you to scale at a fraction of the cost of utilizing an internal team.


We provide you with a multi-member team that includes a bookkeeper, a strategist, and a CFO. We not only ensure accurate data, we help you utilize it.


Our disciplined approach streamlines your finance operations. We manage the moving parts to ensure that your time is spent running your business, not dealing with finances.


We leverage extensive automation and data extraction technologies, enabling us to execute more accurately and in a fraction of the time (and cost) of traditional methods.


Real-time visibility into your numbers enables better decisions. We'll help you create and measure KPI's, track performance goals, manage cash flow, and much more.


Your books will no longer be dependent on a key employee or a potential single point of failure. Your growth will not be hindered by the size of your finance department.

Quickbooks & Xero Integrated

All of our services and technologies integrate within your existing finance platform, so your CPA will be up to speed come tax time. You own and control all of your data.

À La Carte Services To Augment Your Existing Team

We can provide turnkey services to serve as your entire Finance Department or simply provide individual services to help fill the gaps within your existing finance team. Our outsourced solution enables you to leverage enterprise-level skills and processes at a fraction of the cost of hiring additional employees.

  • Cash & Accrual Based Bookkeeping
  • Financial Modeling
  • Payables/Receivables Management
  • Vendor Price Monitoring & Negotiations
  • KPI Measurement
  • Payroll and Benefits Management
  • High-Level Financial Strategy
  • Business Plan Creation
  • Ecommerce Financial Management
  • State, County, Muni Tax Scheduling
  • Strategic Research
  • Capitalization Strategy
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We Are All About The Client Experience

Everything we do is geared towards making finance execution easier for you so you can focus your time on growing your business.

The Krunch Ten Tenets


We invest in our team to make sure that we can produce great results for yours.

Every Krunch team member goes through extensive training and continual education to make sure they are not only adhering to GAAP and doing your books properly, but that they are doing it the Krunch way to ensure consistency and a stellar client experience.


We are incredibly process driven.

By being disciplined and methodical, we ensure that our clients have a quality and consistent experience. Whether handling client onboarding, setting up your receivables management program, or doing your day to day bookkeeping entries - we ensure that everything is done the same way every time to ensure the highest levels of accuracy.


Everything we do is cloud-based and paperless.

You can throw away your file cabinets because everything will be stored digitally. We ensure that anything you need is a always a click away.


We maintain close contact with your CPA.

It is our job to ensure everything is being in done in accordance with the wishes of your CPA in order to ensure fluidity at tax return time.


The client experience is EVERYTHING.

We seek to become the global leader for outsourced finance services – and this can only be done through enabling consistency, scalability, redundancy, and most importantly providing an absolutely incredible client experience.

I’ve had so many bad experiences with disorganized and unprofessional bookkeepers, so it is great to now finally have an institutional-level finance partner to help me scale. I finally feel buttoned-up!

Marcus Kowal, Valetudo LLC