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We Believe There Is A Better Way

Built By Entrepreneurs, For Entrepreneurs

We couldn't find it, so we built it!

After founding and scaling two companies, our management team found a significant problem in the marketplace.  There was nowhere to outsource enterprise-level bookkeeping, financial modeling, receivables management, and many of the other day-to-day finance activities necessary to run a company without the financial burden of an internal accounting department.

We had tried the contracted bookkeeper route and found ourselves relegated to the various types of players available –  the “retired controller” who was behind the times on current methodologies and had little concept of technology; the “working on the side” bookkeeper who did the books at night and on weekends but was unable to be reached when needed; and worst of all “the inept bookkeeper” who had no idea what he or she was doing. Everywhere we turned, all we could find was unsophisticated solutions to a very real problem.

This void in the marketplace led us to create Krunch Finance.  We passionately believed that there had to be a better way – and Krunch is evidence that there is. Our mission is to bring enterprise-level finance execution to small and medium sized companies around the world.  We are excited to help you!