Krunch Loader

Enterprise-Level Services At a Fraction of the Cost of An Internal Finance Team

Turnkey Services As You Need Them

We manage all the moving parts so you can focus on growing your business. You can utilize any of the services on an à la carte basis and there are no long term contracts.

Cash & Accrual Based Bookkeeping

When we handle your books you can rest assured that they will be done correctly. Every Krunch team member goes through an extensive training program to ensure a consistent and effective client experience. Our goal is to streamline your process so that you don’t have to chase down paperwork, answer ongoing questions, or allocate time to help us do your books. We leverage extensive automation and data extraction technologies to do things better, faster, and cheaper than the traditional bookkeeper.

High-Level Financial Strategy

Whether it’s exploring the feasibility of growth areas, figuring out how to finance them, building a complex model to contemplate an acquisition, or any of the numerous high-level financial decisions that come into play on a day to day basis – we can help you plan strategically and ensure you maximize visibility into the potential benefits and costs of your decisions.

Receivables Management

We streamline your approach to collections and get you paid faster. We can migrate you to a paperless environment so that you can invoice electronically and get paid via ACH. We handle all the moving parts including invoice creation, following up with customers who pay late, and providing real-time reports so that you know exactly who pays on time and who is late.

Payables Management

We’ll maximize your visibility into payables that are due so you can properly plan from a cash flow perspective. We can also set up all of your vendors into automated ACH payment systems so that they receive their payments more quickly. Everything we do is paperless, so all of your bills, payment histories, receipts and other items will be stored digitally in the cloud. Any information you ever need will be only a click away.

Ecommerce Financial Management

We can help you manage the financial moving parts as it relates to selling direct to consumer from your website, via Amazon, and through third-party marketplaces and etailers. Managing inventory and tracking sales is only the beginning, we can also work with you to monitor KPI’s by media source, monitor lifetime value by channel, and properly focus on the key metrics that will enable you and your marketing partners to scale profitably.

Financial KPI Strategies

Tracking key financial metrics is a critical component of maintaining accountability within your organization. Measurements such as Revenue Per Employee, Utilization Rates, measuring profitability by classes, and other measurements can help you make better decisions. We can help you with both the strategy necessary to create the measurements and track them for you as well.

Financial Modeling

We can help you forecast various scenarios in order to determine the profitability of projects and initiatives that you undertake. Feasibility modeling enables you to make sound decisions before you allocate capital.

Strategic Research

We’re here to help you find answers. When we don’t have the answers ourselves – we know where to look or whom to ask. Either way, we have the ability to get you the information you need to make large scale decisions and have a full understanding of a given landscape.

Business Plan Creation

We are entrepreneurial at our core. We will work with you to fully flush out your value proposition, market size, hone in on your competitive advantages, plan for creation of barriers to entry, establish your operating plan, create your financial projections and much more.

State, County, Muni Tax Scheduling

We help you stay on top of the various tax and license bills that come due throughout the year. Whether it’s State Tax, Use Tax, County Tax, or any other form of tax – we have you covered and will ensure that you file and pay on time without having to keep track on your end.